Melanie-Anne Atkins

Restorative | Developer | Individualization | Activator | Futuristic

Melanie-Anne Atkins is a certified CliftonStrengths® coach with a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology. She is a champion for individuals who have experienced mental health challenges, trauma, or marginalization. Her academic interests include: engaging students with traditionally marginalized identities within the academy, mental health literacy, holistic student development, peer mentorship, anti-oppressive practices in education, and co-designing experiential learning and assessment opportunities with students.

Melanie-Anne is an exuberant educator whose academic knowledge in mental health literacy and anti-racism is grounded in her lived experience and engagement at the community level. Melanie-Anne has delivered hundreds of presentations and collaborates with university and community partners to design programming tailored to meet each organization’s unique needs. Clients note her “inspirational” ability to lead them through challenge to achieve pivotal growth using evidence-based approaches “with ease and grace.”

Rebecca Smith

Positivity | Woo | Developer | Communication |

Rebecca Smith is an experienced student affairs professional who works with some of the highest achieving students in the country. With a background in Sociology and Thanatology, and continuing education in counselling and coaching, Rebecca has nearly twenty years experience working with student, staff, and faculty in higher education. Her leadership has “provided wings to many outstanding ideas and helped students flourish in their development.”

Rebecca is an engaging facilitator, delivering LivingWorks suicide awareness and intervention trainings to a wide range of audiences across the province. She sits on the London-Middlesex Suicide Prevention Council and has served as London’s Sidewalk Talk City Leader since 2016. In addition, Rebecca is a certified CliftonStrengths® coach, who has experience working with diverse individuals and groups, including teachers and faculty members, students, business leaders, and other professionals. Her passion for helping others thrive by utilizing their strengths is evident in all that she does.

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