Meet Your Coach

Melanie-Anne Atkins holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and is a champion for individuals who have experienced mental health challenges, trauma, or marginalization.

Lost your motivation? You’re not alone.

Let me help you finish your thesis so you can begin the next chapter of your life!

This premium one-on-one coaching program from Strengths Within has three phases:

Phase 1: (Un)learn

Identify what’s getting in the way of finishing your thesis, and choose your key motivating factor to keep you moving forward on your journey to finish your thesis.

Learn how to: 

  • Reorient your mindset to work for you rather than against you  
  • Banish old habits and ‘rules’ about finishing your thesis that aren’t serving you anymore  
  • Leverage your strengths – i.e., what comes naturally to you – to help you tackle the parts of getting your thesis done that feel impossible right now. 

Phase 2: Practice

Develop, test, and evaluate new strategies to:

  • Keep focused on what you can control during each stage of the thesis process
  • Mindfully tolerate distress that arises during writing, revising, or presenting
  • Escape procrastination traps
  • Confidently communicate with your supervisor and thesis committee
  • Joyfully (yes!) receive and incorporate critical feedback
  • Conquer your fears about your thesis presentation or public lecture.

Phase 3: Act

It’s go time! Finish strong.

Apply everything you learned and practiced to:

  • Write your thesis
  • Reactivate your key motivating factor to keep writing your thesis
  • (Actually) submit your thesis
  • Prepare for your defense
  • Celebrate the triumphant superstar you are
  • Graduate!

Length: 8 sessions

Type: Individual coaching

Investment: $1999

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“Thank you for pushing me in my own growth,
endless talks, and open ears. This has been the most fantastic year with you!”